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About Moses Clinic

Moses health care has been a Forefront of medical and dental care, committed to providing world class treatment at affordable rates Moses was established in 1994, Dr Sajeev with his expert team has been treating patients with the highest level of tender, love and care. We strive to be informe of the latest in technological advances by regularly attending continuing dental and medical education courses and seminars. We are equipped with highly sophistication Equipments both in Moses medical Laboartory and Dental technologies and Gadgets. We have Dental Chair Mounted TV screen with Intraoral cameras , also showing patient education videos and treatment option pictures. Our front reception desk can assist you with all scheduling and billing questions.

Quality Health

Quality in health care can be hard to understand and even harder to measure. “What is Quality?” patients and families know quality care when they experience it – it can be a nurse’s response time, a doctor’s bedside manner, the hospital’s atmosphere—all of these things affect how people feel about the quality of their health care. Quality health is our utmost priority, we provide our 100% to ensure that.

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